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When your health, family, and finances matter most why would you entrust them to a stranger in a black robe? No, not the Grimm Reaper, but it can feel that way. Our processes include experienced lawyers, family therapists, and financial professionals to help you create practical solutions tailored to you and your family without the limitations, cost, hassle, and stress of a public court battle. Good decisions start here.


Prenups: Creating Enforceable Agreements for More Than Just Break-Ups

It’s February and love is in the air. A time when people honor their love for each other and often, get engaged; what could be more romantic than working on a prenup together? Okay, almost anything, right? As with all of my blogs, this information is general in...

Emotions Are Expensive. Realities That Your Divorce Attorney May Not Be Telling You

Divorce can be expensive, especially in a state like California. Most people point the finger at the lawyers – they’re expensive and they charge for everything (calls, emails, research). In fact, in California, Divorce is big business. In preparation for a training, I...

August is “National Make-A-Will” month. Are you ready?

For the month of August, we are making it even easier to put together your life legacy plan. Read on for our special offer. If you’ve experienced a close family member’s illness, injury, or death, you understand the importance of legal planning for such events. This...

The Best Interest Of The Pets – Divorcing With Dogs

I recently moved to Long Beach, California, from the Inland Empire and I’m amazed at how dog-friendly this town is. I can pretty much take my dog everywhere: stores, restaurants, cafes. Watching dogs interact, you notice unique personalities – the introverts, the...

Divorce and Death: How to Protect your Interests if you Die Before Completing your Divorce

In nearly twenty-five years of practice in California, I’ve had less than a handful of clients whose spouses passed away before the divorce was completed. The first time, I was the neutral mediator in a high conflict divorce. We reached agreements on everything, and...

The Collaborative Premarital Agreement Process – A Better Way to Start a Marriage

As more and more couples are waiting longer to marry, California lawyers are seeing an increase in requests for Premarital (also called Prenuptial) Agreements. By the time they get married, many people already have assets, such as retirement accounts and real...

Divorce: Private or Public?

Divorce can be difficult no matter the circumstances. What you may not know is how much of your personal matter and financial information becomes public…

The Key to Success when Dividing Retirement Plans in a California Divorce

By Diana L. MartinezCollaborative Lawyer and Mediator Dividing retirement plans in a divorce can be complicated. Whether you are in a high-conflict divorce in court or in an out-of-court process like mediation or collaborative divorce, mistakes can result in losing...

In a California Divorce, “50/50” isn’t always “Equal”

By Diana L. MartinezCollaborative Lawyer & Mediator When you divorce in California, with few exceptions, any assets you acquired during the marriage get split equally. This includes retirement and pension plans. Social Security is  separate property, under Federal...

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Patient, thorough and non-judgmental

"As a "past client", I also consider her a trusted friend. I have seen her speak at seminars and I believe that she has a passion for her field of collaborative divorce and mediation services. She is patient, thorough and non-judgmental. I highly recommend her...

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"I am a licensed psychotherapist, with certifications in Mediation and with extensive training in Collaborative Divorce processes. I have known Diana L. Martinez professionally for several years. During that time we have worked together on a number of mediation and...

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"You were clear, patient, helpful and professional. Your entire team is. I had a positive experience while going through a life changing event. Thank you for everything." N.H.

A very honest and trustful individual

"It has been my privilege and honor to know Diana L. Martinez for many years and to have worked with her on numerous mediation and collaborative divorce cases. Not only have I found Diana to be a very honest and trustful individual, I also have found her to be an...

Helpful and fair

"Diana Martinez was excellent. She took the time to explain very thoroughly each step through the process of divorce. And she made sure everything was clear and understood by both parties involved. I hope I never have to, but I would recommend her to anyone in a...

Professionalism, kindness, and directness

"[My spouse] and I came to your office with an unusual situation that could have been very volatile. Your professionalism, kindness, and directness helped us understand our situation and what the best path for us was. Thank you for remaining neutral and guiding us...
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